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Your stars for 2012

FERGUS Gibson predicts what the next year will bring in the areas of work, romance and finance for you....


March 21 to April 20

Considered an ambitious sign, Aries is symbolised by the sure-footed ram that climbs to the top. In 2012 you will find yourself with greater freedom. Clarity is power, so focus on your outcome. Success is stamped all over this year for you.

Relationships: You will be in the mood to spread your love and money around, but you may have to put a lid on things. Once your passions are aroused, issues of trust have to be looked at. Some people have all the luck!

Money: Your usual pragmatic and prudent approach to money matters is going to pay off and you benefit by being patient. Be prepared to ask questions if you want information. Try a change of style. Anything started now has a more-than-average chance of being successful. Your health and your diet will have to taken seriously.


April 21 to May 20

Your social life will take off in a big way this year. Your health is your wealth. Changes are taking place and in 2012 new energies will be released springing you back to full force. Commitment is all that's required to ensure you get all you deserve. Someone you will meet soon will have a great impact on your social life. Make sure to get out and mingle.

Relationships: Right now a romance that will blow your hat off is coming your way. Your imagination is at its most vivid but don't get too carried away. Listen carefully, then make your move. Don't let life pass you by.

Money: Don't let the grass grow under your feet. You may be in line for a surprise windfall. This year a shot of vitality keeps you primed for action. Use today for planning, particularly far-sighted future moves. Think in realistic terms if you are making a career decision.


May 21 to June 20

In the first few months of 2012, you will feel a little vulnerable and it's up to family members to give support. This is a good time now for getting your own way or seeking favours. It's make-your-mind-up time. You are free to create whatever is meaningful to you. In 2012, choose to live in the present moment. You just have to be more methodical.

Relationships: Don't be afraid to say good riddance to bad rubbish. The message in the stars is a warning against words and deeds that restrict freedom. When love is on the agenda, the planet Jupiter is famous for bringing new people to visit you. Just follow your inner feelings, they won't let you down.

Money: Seemingly attractive merchandise or moneymaking proposals may prove to be less desirable. Get ready to adapt to increasing developments that are set to alter your routine. The first thing to do is take care of number one. You should treat privacy as a lucky break, giving you a chance to catch up on life.


June 21 to July 20

Anything started in the new year has a more-than-average chance of being successful. Your personal renewal is about to begin. Your stubborn streak could undermine you, so be warned. 2012 might be an important turning point for you.

Relationships: Emotional overtones tend to offset a rational approach in almost all areas of your life. Jupiter is giving your sign special privilege! It's time to get creative and commit to a new future. Seize the moment.

Money: Patience and caution is needed in money matters. Pleasant contacts may provide important facts that will brighten your life. This could be the most interesting year you have had in a very long time. Be wary of changes that look harmless enough initially, just keep to what you know and understand.


July 21 to August 21

Life hasn't been easy for you when you think of what you've been through. In the new year you'll soon see an improvement in your life. Now is an ideal time for imaginative pursuits. Be careful to avoid compromising, tricky situations. The focus is on construction, formation and solidity. Keep clear of conflict.

Relationships: You have an emotional decision to make. Indications from your ruling planet point to a forgotten romance now ready to enter your life, with very interesting results. It's time to dump the old dowdy identity. The wind of change is bringing good fortune with it and a romantic chance of a lifetime. Curb your impatience with people who are slow to grasp your ideas.

Money: A very interesting surprise could be in store for you when an old debt may be paid in full without you having to ask. Opportunities arise from unexpected sources. The wind of change is bringing good fortune with it, so be prepared to catch the breeze.


August 22 to September 22

Get ready this for 2012. You have a formidable sense of purpose, strength and determination. According to your star-chart, now is your time to get organised. Actions speak louder than words. What you achieve has long-term value. You have a tendency to break away and to try something new. The secret to success is constant change.

Relationships: Romantically you are in for a pleasant surprise. Appearances can be deceptive, so pay attention to detail. Keep a momentum going in everything you do. It's high time you put yourself first. If you play your cards close to your chest, you will have every reason to celebrate.

Money: Concentrate on your ambitions. All thought is creative, so think positively. There's a great potential for progress in the stars for you right now. Capitalise on what appeals and challenge what does not. Setting out your plans is next on your agenda.


September 23 to October 22

Nothing will be impossible if you stick to what you know best for 2012. A new friend may bring you interesting information. From a loving point of view you want it all in a relationship. The focus now is on construction, formation and solidity. Avoid misunderstandings. Go where the stars lead you. The year could hold many surprises and interesting challenges.

Relationships: All this week the emphasis is on romance, children and creative projects. Learn to relax and try to go with the flow. It's upbeat all the way for you now. There is a tremendous accent on romantic affairs from now on. Obstacles are merely a call to strengthen your need to achieve.

MONEY: You have the ability to get the most out of a winning team. Choose to be free of destructive fears. Stop dreaming about success, wake up and work at it. Don't gamble or force issues. Follow your instincts for ideas.


October 23 to November 22

A partnership is likely to come to a head in 2012 and it demands all your tact and understanding. It's time to unleash the power within. The first half of the year gives you the chance for a wonderful change coming your way. Opportunities come to those who are willing to take the risk. You are learning an important lesson. You only get one crack at this life, so make the most of it.

Relationships: Where matters of the heart are concerned, life brightens considerably. Someone from a distance will be calling to see you. It's time to give more credence to your inner self. Where spending and romance are concerned, don't rock the boat.

Money: Patience and caution is needed in money matters. Where cash is concerned you must avoid any kind of partnership. Accept the challenges and you'll feel the joy of victory. Just don't take any risks where money is concerned. It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Your friends will have every reason to call you lucky.


November 23 to December 21

If you are feeling ambitious there are many fortunate influences around you. Third time lucky is going to pay off for you soon! Go all out for what you want. The lucky planet Jupiter is edging toward your sign at the moment, which means next year will be an eventful one. The planets are on your side and things will work out. It looks as if you will be very much in demand socially.

Relationships: Follow your instincts for romantic ideas. A little white lie may have to be told, just for harmony's sake. Right now is a time of renewal. There's a lot of potential activity in your new year. Be ready to act fast or you might not get the chance again. You must think positively about planning for the future.

Money: There is much to suggest that your fortunes are on the up. In 2012 the focus is on money, so budget carefully. When you forgive you get back the power that was used to hurt you. Someone you meet will awaken a new dimension in your mind. Clarity is power, so focus on your outcome.


December 22 to January 20

Regardless of your status, Mercury and Venus begin rolling into your house of love affairs. Turn the other cheek, and give yourself a treat. You seem to colour your fortunes by your emotional approach. You'll encounter someone now about whom you will enthuse, but whose defects will soon surface.

Relationships: Whoop it up. Release your fear and focus on what you truly deserve. One person with a belief is equal to 99 who only have interests. Venus augurs well for romantic affairs and close personal relationships. This is a super time for fun and games. All you have to do is ask and you will receive. The planet Venus is responsible for your love life taking a new twist.

Money: This year you'll be pleased about a financial arrangement. Take advantage of opportunities for advancement. Your financial interests will come into much sharper focus.

You have reached a turning point in relation to your personal status. Believe in yourself even when no one else does. Do not depend on the initiative of another to lead you in the right direction.


January 21 to February 18

An opportunity is imminent in 2012 and may be totally unexpected. An over-active imagination will make this a time to remember. Someone will be keeping you on your toes -- which is good. Things will turn out better than you could have hoped for. Stop creating limitation barriers. Get new projects off the ground and push ahead.

Relationships: Your imagination is at its most vivid and romantically you'll be in the mood to play. Learn to compromise if you are not fully committed. Your unique individuality is given another chance to shine. Inspirations seem heaven sent, but don't undermine your good fortune. Your popularity will be enhanced by a bit of romance.

Money: Unexpected cash seems to come from out of the blue. All your planets are encouraging you to break out of a rut and make a bid for freedom. A bargain is not a bargain unless you need it. Despite an early set-back this will be a very lucky and profitable time for you. You must come up with a good strategy to make some headway on the career front.


February 19 to March 20

Wait until the picture is clearer; strange new feelings are luckier than old ones. Be candid about your feelings to yourself. Rethink any situation that is becoming unworkable. To stay on course, sometimes you have to make waves. You never know what you're missing until you try.

Relationships: In love it's raw passion that wins the day. Go where the stars lead you. You want changes, so begin making them. Let inspiration spur you into action, it's probably better to make an important decision about your love life. Wheeling and dealing is something you have a flair for. You must be willing to compromise if you want a partnership to grow and work.

Money: There's more to life than just money. Win allies early and a victory will be yours. Decisions deserve the time they demand, so do not rush them. Believing something can be done becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Review all monetary matters. At long last, you get an inkling of some very good news indeed.