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You have got to have a thick skin in this business

COMPARISONS with other female presenters is par for the course, but I'm not thinking about the likes of Miriam O'Callaghan or Claire Byrne (below).

You're always going to be aware of who's in the industry and I've met those women at the same events, it's a small pool.

However, I believe that people such as Miriam and Claire are where they are by being themselves.

And even though we all may be covering the same topics, it's always going to be done to our own way.

You can't get far if you're pulling yourself in different directions.

That's why you're chosen, not because of the way you look or how you sound - but for the X Factor.

In my view, this is the age for women to excel in media.

And there's no age limit in my book.

I'm the absolute average for female news anchors here - there are no 20-year-olds on screen in news in this country.

And if you look at the UK market, I'm actually young compared to some of the women there.

You do have to be thick skinned, thicker skinned than men, in this business.

surprised the mindset about women in media is still there, but at the same time I'm not either.

We're here, doing the job and the same job.

People do tend to look at how female hosts dress on camera though.


My style is classic. I like clean lines and no fuss.

I've always dressed for work, no matter where I've been professionally.

I feel like if I look 
the part I'll feel the part.

So there's definitely no danger of me wearing a pair of Ugg boots under the desk - that's a personal choice.