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Yes, it can get even tackier, Tallafornia fly to Santa Ponsa

TALLAFORNIA in the sun will feature even more bad behaviour from the reality TV cast, insiders have revealed.

The stars of the fly-on-the-wall series will let loose in Santa Ponsa and the results are set to be nothing short of shocking.

The show was slammed for the cast members' outrageous behaviour during their time in a Dublin house but viewers have been warned it's about to get a lot steamier.


"If you thought the cast of Tallafornia were tacky when they were in Dublin, watch out for what they'll get up to abroad", a show insider revealed.

A source told the Herald that the entire original group, which includes Kelly Donegan, Cormac Brannigan, Dave Behan, Natalie Geraghty, Nikita Murray, Phil Penny and Jay Abbey, have signed up to feature in season two of the show.

Last year the group got down and dirty in their back garden jacuzzi, but now the raunchy housemates will have their own swimming pool -- as well as access to the beach where no doubt endless boozing and partying will take place.

There will be five bedrooms in the new villa and producers are hoping more drunken, between-the-sheets action will unfold -- especially as they're lining up at least two new housemates to join the cast.

"Everyone will be there for four weeks and they'll be living up the Spanish lifestyle. They'll be away from home, they won't have work or anything like that, so things are definitely going to go a bit mental."

The TV3 offering is following the likes of MTV hit Geordie Shore, who have taken off to Cancun for their third season.

A source was adamant that Ballymount bosses are not trying to copy Geordie Shore in any way and had actually decided on going abroad months before the UK programme.

"We don't model ourselves on Geordie Shore at all, Tallafornia's not about having mad, drunken fights. Our plan had always been to take the show to the sun and up the ante, it was just by chance that both series are going away."

Meanwhile, as the MTV show's stars Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio are set to tie the knot after getting engaged on camera, Assets model Kelly Donegan has revealed that she thinks it's a publicity stunt.

"That whole thing was set up in my opinion. They don't know each other that long."

The 21-year-old told the Herald that she wouldn't rule out a similar fate between herself and personal trainer boyfriend Dave, but if it did happen, it would be "for real".