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X Factor in 10 points

1 Gary says he wants Frankie to stop hitting the town so often, so perhaps he should also stop asking the camera crew to follow (and tipping off the paparazzi) when the cheeky chappie goes off on his after-dark adventures.

2 There'll be suspicion hanging over any of the attached ladies unfortunate enough to have been in London club Mahiki last week after Derry from The Risk revealed that he "seen one girl checking me out. I gave her my number..."

3 Johnny stood with his arm raised in the air for so long after I Believe In A Thing Called Love that we worried about rigor mortis.

4 Sammi said that she would "rather sit in the audience than sing Cher" during rehearsals, only to belt out Turn Back Time. She was booted off.

5 Tension is mounting between the female judges. Kelly has started delivering snide looks to her right, and dragging her vowels -- "that was a roooooock song" -- when talking to Tulisa.

6 Kelly and Tulisa failed to grasp the 'rock' theme of Saturday's show. Tulisa thought it could be Tik Tok by Ke$ha. Kelly thought it was about "respecting the roots" of the song, which is presumably why she thought it was fine that Janet sang Guns & Roses like Enya.

7 Watching 18-year-old Frankie Cocozza (above) masquerade as a bona fide rock star, complete with black and white footage of his swagger to the stage, was tantamount to watching a particularly dodgy episode of Stars In Their Eyes.

8 What goes on backstage stays backstage, says Kelly and Gary. And the point of spin-off show The Xtra Factor is ... ?

9 Tulisa thinks Gary is turning Frankie into "everything he wanted to be in his younger days. That's not that unlikely, given that Gary spent his youth covering himself in jelly and singing with Lulu.

10 Gary has the bitch factor. When Louis suggested they agree to disagree, he said: "Let's agree on the fact that you sit where you sit and I sit in the head judge's seat."