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Wine on the web

Breach the social media divide for wine news and advice, says Martin Moran

The country's split. No, not on whether we need a general election. The divisive issue is social media. Do you tweet or check your Facebook page multiple times daily? Or do you think those who do should get a life? I was in the latter and have shifted into the former. Once you start it's strangely addictive, as Tom Dunne has reported in his HQ column. And I am far from alone. A report by US researchers Lift9 claims there are 7,000 tweets per day related to wine and 1,300 blogs and over 300 wine apps for that fancy phone of yours.

The most popular blogger and tweeter by a mile is the irrepressible Gary Vaynerchuk of winelibrarytv.com and tweeting as @garyvee, who has more than 840,000 followers. No one else comes close numbers-wise, but other influential international wine tweeters include @jancisrobinson, @winetwits and @ablegrape.

If you want info on the Irish wine scene head to twitter.com/smallsips/ irish-wine-circle for a list of local tweeters. There you'll find a range of Irish wine writers and bloggers including myself, known as @winerepublic but also HQ restaurant critic & Sindo wine critic Ernie Whalley, known as @forkncork, the aforementioned @smallsips of sourgrapes.ie plus 24 others.

Aside from random comments on breakfast, football and the weather you'll find a constantly updated range of wine news and advice. All free. Why not join our side of the divide?

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