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Will: She's incredible ... but to me the queen is just my gran

PRINCE William has given an insight into his close relationship with the queen, describing her as "incredible".

In a candid interview, William said the bond between them has gone from "strength to strength" and revealed that he treats her first and foremost as a grandmother rather than the UK head of state.

"I say to people: 'She's my grandmother to me first and then she's the queen'. Words that come from her I take very personally and really appreciate," he said.

William made the revelations during an interview with journalist Robert Hardman, who was given access to the young royal for his new book Our Queen.

He continued: "My relationship with my grandmother has gone from strength to strength. As a shy, younger man it could be harder to talk about weighty matters. It was: 'This is my grandmother who is the queen, and these are serious historical subjects'.

"As I've got older, she's become an even more important part of my life, so it's much easier. And obviously with the wedding it was a massive help."

William revealed he constantly seeks advice from the queen and said she is always happy to share her wealth of experience.

"There's no question you can ask, and no point you can raise, that she won't already know about," William said.

"And for me particularly being the young bloke coming through, being able to ask my grandmother, ask her questions and know that there's sound advice coming back is very reassuring."

The RAF helicopter pilot also spoke of how the queen sent him a letter of congratulation following his trip to meet victims of the Australian floods and New Zealand earthquake earlier this year.