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Why should women like Zara have to play the good little wifey?

ZARA Phillips is being the good wife. The queen of England's granddaughter has arrived in New Zealand after the whole world saw the footage of her new husband drooling over a woman while attempting to kiss, hold hands and drunkenly flirt with her.

She obviously did what all the other WAGS do when they find out their husband is messing around -- she sucked it up.

These men are over in New Zealand for six weeks, all going well. They are demi gods, not only to the rugby supporters but to hordes of "fans" who want to do more than ask how a scrum actually works.

The video of Tindall mauling another woman is, of course, embarrassing more than anything else. He is obviously drunk and no doubt having the time of his life at the World Cup, representing his country on the pitch.

But Phillips is the one left to deal with a dilemma. Should she publicly humiliate the man or -- as the song goes -- smile, smile, smile?

She chose to stand by her man. Hence the photos of the "happy" couple, walking hand in hand, showing us all that their marriage is still strong. Of course, the marriage isn't strong now, it's on very shaky ground. But Zara has decided to follow in the footsteps of Coleen Rooney, Cheryl Cole, John Terry's wife Toni and a legion of other betrayed women.

For a long time I would wonder why these women would stay with their husbands. You would think that in the 21st century, women would have the intelligence and strength to leave a man who has put their relationship second to having a fling. You would imagine that women today would take no crap from cheating husbands.

So, what can a newlywed like Zara Phillips do? Leave the man, go out on the town and snog some random bloke? Or does she become the good wife, stay by his side, while (hopefully) breaking his balls in the privacy of his home? There are enough 'super injunction' gagging orders in the UK to keep the legal business there going for decades. Sports men have had their cake, eaten it and have paid through the nose so that the public don't get to see the cream and chocolate all over their face. Zara at least won't have this hanging over her. She has seen the encounter with her own eyes from the CCTV footage and has decided to stand by her man.

And that's just the way of the world.