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Why I'm jetting off on a new adventure - Michelle

NIGHTCLUB hostess and model Michelle McGrath is swapping her Louboutins for hiking boots to go backpacking for a few months.

The 26-year-old will hang up her party shoes for a while to visit some far-flung places, as she ponders what her next career move might be.

She revealed to the Diary how it's something she has been considering for a while as she looks for her next move.

"I am thinking of doing a bit more travelling and visiting New York and Hong Kong, which is meant to be deadly right now and really buzzing," she said.

"Nothing's set in stone but I'm looking at going later in the year. A change is always good."


The gorgeous brunette added how she is "still single" after a summer enjoying herself with pals such as Georgia Salpa after a group of them went to Marbella.

She previously dated Welsh rugby player Mark Siddons for more than two years as they had a long-distance relationship between Ireland and Italy.

Michelle also went out on a few dates with Dublin GAA star Bernard Brogan but said that things were "never serious" between them.

But she's obviously ready to conquer fresh pastures as she looks towards her future.

For the past three years, she has been welcoming in all the city's celebs and socialites into Bucks Townhouse as she presides over the venue's guest list.

She has also been working on TV3's Ireland AM as a stylist for the early morning breakfast show as she continues earning her fashion stripes.

As well as modelling, she's also a professional singer and performer -- but will be handing over the reigns of the Christmas panto to Nadia Forde.

Michelle has spent three Yuletides performing with Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick's pantomime but is sitting this year out to make way for her pal.

However, she has warned the Celebrity Salon star that it will be a grind for her and she'll have to ditch her socialising completely while it's on.

"I was actually giving her advice about it.

"If it's something that you're passionate about, it's not like going to work and doing a job as it's so enjoyable -- but it is really tiring," she continued.

"The years that I did it, I wasn't going out.

"You wouldn't be drinking or going mad. You have to look after your voice and make sure you take it easy -- but I don't think Nadia drinks that much anyway.

"I think it will be great for her as it will give her some experience with a live audience and a lot of confidence will come from that.

"We actually both auditioned for Wonderland together and I know she's got a great voice."

This Saturday will see Michelle joined by throngs of her model pals at Bucks as she hosts the Walk in Wardrobe event.

Starting at 12 noon, the "pre-loved" fashion sale will see some top beauties including Hayley Ryan and Karena Graham selling off some of their most glamorous frocks.

The sale is also open to members of the public.