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White summer in Dublin as snow falls for movie shoot

OKAY, the summer hasn't been that great – but seriously, snow?

A south Dublin suburb was transformed into a winter wonderland for Cecelia Ahern's feature film Love Rosie.

Lily Collins, who plays the lead role of Rosie, was snapped pushing a pram through a convincingly snowy Rathmines while wrapped up in winter clothes and a warm woolly hat.

Front lawns were sprayed with thick, fake snow, twinkling Christmas lanterns decorated facades of houses and a giant snowman stood on the front lawn.

The previous day the crew had spent hours making sure the neighbourhood looked like it was in the depths of an ice cold winter – despite the mild June weather.



The actors had to wait until late evening before they began filming to create the illusion of a crisp and chilly winter's night.

Collins looked like she was enjoying the shoot, smiling and laughing with her co-stars and joking in between takes.

It is the first time the daughter of crooner Phil has been in Ireland and she said it took some getting used to the Irish weather, describing it as 'schizophrenic'.

Love Rosie tells the story of school friends Rosie and Alex (Sam Caflin).

The love story follows their lives over several decades and is tipped to become a must-see blockbuster.

The film is set in London but author Cecelia Ahern was keen it was shot in Ireland.

"I thought that was really important," she told the Herald last month.

"I have friends who are working on this movie and I think that's great. Keeping it close to home is always nice."

The shoot is due to finish on July 6.