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What's your top tip for a good BBQ?

Kim Delaney (26) Kimmage:

n "My dad is actually a chef and he BBQs a lot - he sometimes does a pig on the spit. You need to take shelter with a gazebo."

Eoin Farrelly (21) Dublin 7:

n "You want one of those BBQs with the lid that pulls down, and then you get one lad to stand out in the rain with an umbrella. That's all you need."

Ashley O'Driscoll (28) Leopardstown:

n "Last year, my birthday was in July and we'd planned a BBQ but forgot to check the weather. It was lashing but we went and got a gazebo and had a great time."

Charlotte Vruynseraede (18) Raheny:

n "Only BBQ when it's sunny, not when it's raining."

Nicole Maher (24) Coolock:

n "Heaters, gazebo, and if it doesn't rain, take down the gazebo and get the sun."

Hannah Dillon (18) Arklow, Co Wicklow:

n "A friend of mine has a fire pit and that keeps you really warm. It's great for BBQs."

Jiska Viegs (18) Raheny:

n "Be prepared - wear long trousers and a jumper. Rain can ruin a BBQ."

John O'Halloran (18) Arklow, Wicklow:

n "Lots of friends, good food and drink. That's all you need."

Craig Cummins (23) Dublin 7:

n "Make sure it's sunny. That's my only advice: get the sun."