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What do you mean Jedward are space cadets?

WELCOME TO Planet Jedward.

Some might call them space cadets -- there's no doubting the Grimes have had a stellar career -- and now they've set their new video on another world.

In it, the boys, just turned 21, certainly look grown-up.

Dancing around topless, covered in diamante, and showcasing their defined six-packs, they're definitely men now.

The Herald's exclusive images are from the boys' latest video, Luminous.

They have ditched their trademark quiffs for the video and have obviously been hitting the gym hard, if their killer abs are anything to go by.

The pair pose, pout and flex in the different sci-fi scenarios in the video, which starts out on a bleak and craggy-looking planet in a galaxy far, far away.

The boys dance about in front of the camera, throwing powder into the air while doing star- jumps and high-kicks.

They also play large round drums that are covered in paint, a la The Blue Man Group.

And they punch the ground while wearing harem trousers and studded cuff bracelets.

The boys, who asked if they could audition for US drama Teen Wolf, look like extras from Lord Of The Rings in one of the final scenes, which shows them standing in woodland wearing pale white medieval-style shirts.

It all caps a big week for the Lucan lads.


They turned 21 on Tuesday and celebrated the landmark occasion by sharing the video for Luminous with fans on Twitter.

The pair spent the day at home in Dublin, and had a live videostreaming session with fans.

They also posted the video to MTV's Twitter account, saying: "You Rock, MTV. This is our new music video Luminous we love MTV because they are Jepic Jexy Jedicated Jedward Fans."

Fans have been raving about the video.

"I can't say enough times just how incredible the Luminous video is!!! You're Amazing!!" one fan exclaimed.

Another fan wrote "Keep being Luminous John and Edward and Happy Birthday."

The video already has close to 100,000 YouTube hits.

The boys' music certainly seems to be getting better with age.

The new track is pure pop gold and reminds us slightly of Girls Aloud 2009 hit Untouchable. While the video is ever so slightly like that Britney's classic Oops I Did It Again.

Jepic work, boys.