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Whalley's world: Why do i get involved?

I spent yesterday morning shivering outside the Westbury, sat at a table trying to smile at a Caesar salad and a shepherd's pie in my role as poster boy for Dine In Dublin -- Restaurant Week.

What the hell, it's a good cause. Since the recession started to bite, many restaurants have reinvented themselves, devising new menus and promotional schemes offering good-value dining. This brainchild of Dublin City Business Improvement District, the Restaurants Association of Ireland, The Irish Hotels Federation and Dublin Tourism takes the concept a stage further. Next week will see more than 50 of the city's restaurants offering special promotional rates of €25 or €30 per person for three-course dinner menus with tea and coffee.

Although it maybe a bit high flown to say it will bring fine cuisine to the notice of people who formerly just ate to keep alive, many folks for whom dining out is not a regular undertaking should be tempted.