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We're on our best behaviour - Dunne

FORGET the great booze-ups of the Jack Charlton era, the current crop of Ireland stars are on the dry.

Defensive lionheart Richard Dunne has told the Herald that the Irish squad has been on its best behaviour as the lads prepare for the kick-off of Euro 2012.

In an exclusive interview to appear in our special 24-page Euro 2012 supplement tomorrow, Dunne responds with a chuckle when asked whether his side have been keeping their noses clean.

"We have to be. We're preparing for the Euro 2012 finals," he told the Herald's chief soccer writer Paul Hyland.

Dunne believes none of the other 15 teams in Poland and the Ukraine can match the Irish for attitude.

The Aston Villa man tells the Herald's chief soccer writer Paul Hyland what will tell Ireland apart from rivals.

"Mental toughness is our great strength. Technically, we may not be as strong as other teams, but in the whole tournament, nobody will be as mentally strong as we are. I believe that can take us a long way," he said.

Players living in each other's pockets for weeks on end can lead to tension but Dunne can't see that being a factor for the Irish.

"You hear all the time in major tournaments with certain teams how they can be hostile within the group and little fights break out. But with us there's no chance of that."