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Wedding? Stop asking me about it


Jennifer Maguire. Photo: Doug O'Connor

Jennifer Maguire. Photo: Doug O'Connor

Jennifer Maguire. Photo: Doug O'Connor

JENNIFER Maguire says the worst thing about being engaged is the constant barrage of questions about marriage and babies.

So the comedy presenter has issued a warning: stay single.

Jennifer got engaged to British actor Lau Zamparelli in May last year and the pair live together in Dublin.

"The worst thing about being engaged is people asking when are you going to get married," Jennifer told the Diary.

"When you get married, they ask when you are going to have kids. It's never-ending.

"So stay single, because people don't go there," laughed the Republic Of Telly star.

"It's like a taboo subject; people don't ask you anything about it, so to have any peace from anybody, stay single," she warned.

Annoying questions aside, the Dubliner added: "I love being engaged; it's great fun."

And while the 33-year-old and her actor beau are adopting a laid-back approach to their impending nuptials, she says they definitely will tie the knot next year.

The couple, who have been dating for six years, met in Bristol, where Jennifer was running her own theatre company.

"We don't have one plan; we're still toying between Italy and Ireland, so we don't know, but it will be next year," said Jennifer.

The down-to-earth star added that there will be no diamante crowns and meringue wedding dresses in her future – she wants a low-key wedding.

"We don't want to spend that much," she said.