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Wedding plans? Loft comes first!

JENNIFER Maguire says she is more excited about decorating her loft than planning her wedding. The Republic of Telly star got engaged last year.

"The wedding will be next year," she told The Diary. "We haven't started planning yet. We're converting our loft, so that is taking preference over wedding plans for now. Is that mad?" she laughed.

"Ah, I think we're very sensible, that's all," she added.

Jennifer (33) got engaged to her long-term partner Lau Zamparelli in May of last year.

The pair met when Jennifer was living and working in Bristol. Jennifer says that while they may be fairly relaxed when it comes to planning her white wedding, she will say 'I Do' in Ireland.

"We're thinking Ireland now. I just think that it will be easier with our family all over the place."