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'We need more women on radio' - Aine


Aine Lawlor

Aine Lawlor

Aine Lawlor

RTE radio star Aine Lawlor has said that she hopes there'll be more women on air for her daughter's generation.

Her comments came amid the controversial nominations for this year's PPI Awards, where just three out of the 40 nominees were women.

Aine was yesterday being inducted into the PPI Radio Awards Hall of Fame, only the third woman to receive the honour.

"Obviously, I think it would be better if there was more women on air," Aine told the Herald.

"I think Irish radio probably needs to be changing faster. I think that when you look at the huge amount of women behind the scenes, it's not reflected in the numbers on air.

"It's something that I hope is going to be very different for my daughter's generation," she added.

Aine says the women she works with are fantastic.


"The women that I listen to and the women I work with are peerless and I think in lots of ways those women set the standard for me every day," she said.

"I listen to the work that they're doing and the type of questions they're asking and I'm learning from them all the time," she added.

However, the News at One and The Week in Politics presenter believes Irish radio needs to diversify in other ways, too.

"I think it's not just in terms of women though, I think there needs to be much more diversity in the Irish media generally.

"Irish media should diversify from the white male stereotype, particularly when it comes to the people that are giving us our news and current affairs.

"That's not to say anything against our male colleagues but clearly it's something that's been changing throughout my working life. I think the country is changing and broadcasting will have to change with it," she added.