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We had a Whole Lotta fun but there's no hope of Six reunion - Emma

THESE days, every other Noughties pop band are dusting off their glad rags and resurrecting their singing careers.

The results have been mixed.

Liberty X and B*Witched seem to be winning everyone over on ITV's The Big Reunion, but the Sugababes – sorry MSK – aren't really making the comeback they'd dreamed of.

So while reforming and performing is bang on trend, TV presenter Emma O'Driscoll says Irish Popstars band Six won't be reforming anytime soon.

"I can't imagine doing a reunion tour at all, at all," she told The Diary. "We're all doing such different things and heading in different directions.

"I mean, I would never say never – if it was a once-off gig for charity, then maybe, but I can't imagine reforming and giving the pop scene another shot. Or learning the dance routines and everything like that."

It's over 10 years since Six formed on hit TV show Popstars.

Along with Emma – Sinead Sheppard, Kyle Anderson, Sarah Keating, Andy Orr and Liam McKenna made up the band.

Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle was originally in the line-up but famously got booted out after lying about her age.

Six's first single Whole Lotta Lovin sold more than 160,000 copies in its first week.

"It was a good time and you do start thinking about it a lot, especially with the Big Reunion on TV," Emma says. "I get so nostalgic watching the series. We did the Smash Hits Tours and were friends with so many of the bands.

"I would have been close with Michelle Heaton and hung out with the Atomic Kitten girls backstage. So it is a trip down memory lane.

"It was great fun but, in all seriousness, I think we've all moved on and it's very much in our past," Emma says. "I'm focused on my career."

Emma now presents RTE Junior's flagship show Hubble; a programme about a blue rabbit from outer space.

"I would like to try more entertainment stuff but it's a hard road and a tricky transition. At the moment I'm happy where I am."

Last year, Emma and her partner Liam Cronin tied the knot in Salthill, Co Galway, and the 30-year-old says she's really seen a shift in their relationship.

"You do notice a change in the relationship because you're a unit – a pair. It's us against the world," she laughs.

But Emma says it will be a while before they hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

"We aren't planning on having kids anytime soon. We got married just over 10 months ago and I think that's enough of a milestone for us at the moment."