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We chose Ollie's name from a tv ad

WE had a good few boys names in the mix when Pippa was pregnant but we weren't convinced by any of them.

Then one night we were watching TV and an ad for the musical Oliver! came on. I turned to Pippa and said: "What about Oliver?" She really liked it so we went for that. It suits him, too, because he's a hungry little fella – he always wants more feeding.

Pippa and I cannot believe how quickly Ollie is growing. He just turned eight weeks and is the fastest growing baby in the world. I think he's going to be very tall.

I think he's a mix of the two of us, around the eyes he looks very like Pippa. It's difficult to tell what his personality is like just yet because he's so small, but he's headstrong – that's for sure. You definitely know when he's hungry and when he's tired.

And now he's just starting to get more and more active so the real fun can begin – he reacts to things you're saying and doing and his eyes will follow you round the room.

Pippa did a shoot for Stellar magazine that came out this week and she looks absolutely stunning – she's putting me to shame. She always looks great in fairness and the photos were amazing.

My daughter Chloe is delighted with him – she loves being an older sister and is so happy she has a younger brother to play with.