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We can't wait to do French site's 'take-away' gig


 Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

We've been big fans of French website La Blogotheque for ages now. It was one of the first things we said to our manager: "We have to get on that website".

They do all these really cool 'take-away concerts'. Basically, they get bands to sing an impromptu set on the streets of Paris or in random buildings. They've had so many bands and singers do them; Arcade Fire (pictured) performed a mini series in a lift, Phoenix sang in front of the Eiffel Tower, Vampire Weekend did one in the back of this tiny mini van and Tom Jones did one in this old hotel room.

The website have teamed up with Nokia Lumia and they are doing this Live Session in Dublin on Wednesday July 17.

We're going to do this acoustic set and it's being streamed live so our fans can come hear us play.