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Watch out Warney, you'll soon be bored of the Hurley burly

So, it seems Aussie cricketer Shane Warne has made the final transformation from rakish jock to Stepford Husband.

This weekend, he proposed to actress (I use the term loosely) Elizabeth Hurley while the pair were at St Andews, where Warney was playing in a charity golf competition.

There was a picture circulated from the weekend, showing Warne with his newly bleached teeth, fake tan, and slimline figure with Elizabeth -- all charcoal eyes and heaving cleavage -- beside him. A few hours later, over a posh dinner in the hotel's fine dining room, surrounded by fine diners, the serial philanderer popped the question.

Elizabeth said yes. Of course she did, she's been grooming the man, quite literally, for almost a year, turning him into her perfect ideal of a sissy, guyliner wearing, carb-curbing metrosexual.

In a matter of months, Warney, who'd previously been known for sinking pints, carousing with his team mates and chasing Sheilas to a level Mike Tindall would be proud of, had turned softer than a marshmallow.

He'd moved to London, and in with Liz. He was so at home, he was even raiding her bathroom cabinet for Estee Lauder moisturiser, while she Tweeted his penchant for expensive lotions to the world.

It seems Liz and Shane have got what they deserve ... Liz gets a shadow of the man she fell for originally, he's got himself a drill sergeant.

But how long will it last? How long can Warney suppress his manly urges for beer, pies and floozies? When will he tire of plucking his eyebrows, yoga and whatever dermatological treatments he's currently denying he's getting?

Surely a life with someone as disciplined as La Hurley must get boring pretty quickly? Someone who admits to feasting "occasionally on six raisins" isn't exactly going to be the spontaneous type; the sort who'll throw caution, and diets to the wind to make the most of living in the now. Especially if she's got to drag her fortysomething body on to a bikini photo shoot the next day.

I'd say the level of me-tardness in the Hurley household must be unbearable. It's her way or the highway, as was so obvious the night they both appeared, bouffed, preened and frosted before Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball. The poor fool looked like Liz Hurley's chew toy.

Because really, what red-blooded man would stand for such nonsense? And for how long? Surely an Aussie jock, used to being the centre of attention, must have a 'wake up and smell the herbal tea' moment ... a second of lucidity when he sees just what's been going on while he's been in the lust fog.

But, for now, Liz has what she seems to want -- a pet project. Funny, I always thought she'd finally go back to Hugh Grant, but she obviously got more kicks out of taming her Aussie shrew ... And now she has a massive sapphire and diamond ring in appreciation.

And this, it seems, is just the beginning. Can you imagine what sort of groomzilla Warney is going to turn into?

He already has the suspiciously smoother complexion, the newfound love of salad and the Dolly mixture-coloured clothes, what ever will come next? It's going to be an interesting engagement!