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Vogue Williams: 'I still plan to have kids, just not right now'


Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

She's going through the most amicable celeb split in showbiz history, so it comes as no surprise to hear that Vogue Williams won't be hitting the dating scene anytime soon.

Vogue and her husband Brian McFadden announced their split over a month ago via Twitter - the way you do. Now the leggy blonde is enjoying "concentrating on herself" while living under the same roof as her ex.

"I'm happy to be on my own for now," she said. "Focusing on work and spending time with friends and family. It's nice to concentrate on myself," the TV starlet told OK Magazine.

"I definitely want to have kids, and I'm sure I will at some point in my life, just not right now."

Earlier this week, Vogue put all our minds at ease when she informed her Twitter followers that she and Brian would be sharing joint custody of their dog, Winston.

George Hutton to sing for Lisa

Former RTE Exiles star George Hutton is to perform at Lisa Cannon's OTT Italian wedding.

Just to jog your memory, singer Hutton was one of the six twentysomethings to feature in RTE's show about the Irish trying to make it in Vancouver.

Once the camera crews left Canada, so did George - what a surprise.

"It's an honour to be singing for Lisa and Richard on their wedding day," he said.

According to George he will perform a combination of Italian, Welsh and Irish songs.

"It will be a very special day indeed."

Strut to 90s rave music

Glo sticks and head bands at the ready - comedy acrobats The Lords of Strut are returning to Dublin with their new show 'Contain-A-Rave' as part of the Tiger Fringe Festival.

The Lords are inviting punters to dance their hearts out at a 30-minute, 90s-style rave in a shipping container.

The duo - 'Sean-tastic' and 'Famous Seamus' - won the World Street Championship in 2013 and are encouraging participants to dress up for the occasion.

"It'll be hard grooving, sweat box, music fuelled, dead meat munch up," Sean-tastic said.

The two Cork natives are over in Edinburgh for the Art and Theatre Festival, but will return to Dublin next month with their show.