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UTV's new anchor Alison (44) shows there's no age 
barrier to success on TV

SHE has been unveiled as the new face of UTV Ireland and Alison Comyn has proved there's still plenty of work for female hosts in their 40s.

The Louth-born mother-of-two will make her return to live television for the first time in 10 years when she steps out as the presenter of the station's new current affairs programme, Ireland Live at 10.

Drogheda-based Alison (44) will be on air every week night from 10pm to 11pm from January 5, next year.


She told the Herald that she can relate to serious topics that will come up for discussion in studio next year, as she's got plenty of experience behind her - both personally and professionally.

"I've got the life experience because I'm a working mum and know how hard it is when things like taxes go up - I can sympathise with the audience," she said.

"It's nice to get someone 
experienced in the job. It's lovely to see more seasoned talent on-screen."

Covering breaking news and chairing debates on domestic and 
international issues, Ireland Live at 10 will be on air at the same time as RTE's Prime Time, featuring Miriam O'Callaghan (right).

However, Alison said that she is not viewing the RTE presenters as her direct competition.

"We just want to bring our own identity and let the audience decide," she said.

Alison's last TV gig was with Sky News Ireland and she 
previously fronted the BBC's national Holiday programme, where she worked alongside Jill Dando, Carol Smiley and Craig Doyle for four years.

Even though a decade has passed since she's been in front of the cameras, she insisted there are no nerves in taking on her new post.

"It's a good time in my life to return to TV news, which is my first love, because it doesn't sometimes fit in with a young family and my kids were growing up," she said.

"My son Luke is 10 and my daughter Holly is 11 now, so it's much easier. I remember trying to juggle TV news when they were babies but it was too hard and I take my hat off to those who managed it."

Alison was hired for the position of anchor four months ago.

"I've had to keep it secret for so long, I just want to get going on it all now," she said.

"Thursday was my first day - I was in with the hard hat on."