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Yvonne caught in web of lies

THINGS are set to go from bad to worse for Fair City vixen Yvonne Doyle this week when she learns that the father of her lesbian lover Connie is seriously ill.

Carrigstown's resident bitch Yvonne, played by Ciara O'Callaghan, will find herself in a quandary when she is asked to keep the truth about Ronan's health from her other half, his daughter, just days after the couple reunite.

Fans of the RTE drama will have seen Connie, played by Lisa Harding, return from Australia in the hopes of reconciling with her scheming girlfriend in last night's episode -- only to find that Yvonne had neglected to tell her family that their wedding had been called off.

And while the stubborn lovers manage to resolve their differences after a strained meeting -- eventually rescheduling their wedding for next September -- it's not long before tensions in the Dublin suburb rise once more thanks to their tumultuous romance.

Fans of the show will see the relationship reach breaking point in the coming weeks when it emerges that Yvonne has assisted Ronan with his lies to his daughter.

Adding to Connie's woes is the fact that Yvonne went behind her back to try and help her dad buy an apartment in Dublin, so that he could be closer to his daughter in his time of need.

Connie is left devastated by the news, given that she shares a close bond with her father after moving to Oz as a teen to live with him.

It remains to be seen whether she will allow the heavily pregnant Yvonne remain in her life, as she attempts to comes to terms with the shocking blow.

Meanwhile, Yvonne is set to find herself in further hot water over the next few weeks when she is finally granted a reunion with her mother, Rita.

The veteran Fair City character, played by Jean Costello, has been absent from the soap in recent times, after a stroke storyline last year which left Rita immobilised and living in residential care.

Understandably her husband Bela is keen that Yvonne doesn't upset her by revealing too much about her latest domestic troubles.

Earlier this year, Yvonne found herself at the centre of further drama with the revelation that Paul Brennan had fathered her unborn baby, causing chaos for his relationship with wife Niamh.

Yvonne now claims she has no attachment to the child she is carrying and sees herself only as a surrogate mother for a childless couple.