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You're in for a bit of a wake up call on those early starts Michelle

PHANTOM FM closed last week with barely a whimper, partly because the only time it was ever in the news was when there was a story about its best-known presenter, Michelle Doherty, who quit the station in 2012.

It is perhaps unfortunate timing, therefore, for Michelle to reveal this weekend about how much she hated her time with Phantom.

It was not, one hastens to add, anything to do with the staff she worked with or the music she was playing, but her working hours.

She looks back with regret over how unhappy she was when presenting the early morning show on Phantom FM, as she simply could not cope with the early rises.

"I'm a night owl," she revealed. "While I know a lot of people get up early every morning and it doesn't bother them, it got me down."

And this was no ordinary reluctance to get out of bed, which quickly dissipated once she was up and about. Michelle admitted that it was an all pervasive feeling, that affected every part of her life.

"My life was just awful. I became very unhappy. I didn't want to see anybody."

Michelle admitted that she sought professional help to deal with her feelings, having admitted at one stage that "everything seemed hopeless."


Happily, Michelle is now in a much better place. Not only has she landed the job of filling in for Aisling O'Loughlin on Xposé, which allows her to work the hours that suit her temperament far better, her personal life is a vast improvement over what it was.

She is no longer having to commute to see her long-term boyfriend, but is happily living with him in London, and is pregnant with their first child.

So, it's just as well that Michelle's perfect life is going to remain that way from now on.

It's not like she's ever going to have something that will involve her getting up early in the mornings again, and making her feel permanently tired.

Something like a new-born baby, for example...