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You don't need to burn your bra to be a feminist, blasts talent show star Jamelia

JAMELIA has hit back at feisty Voice of Ireland rival Dolores O'Riordan, saying she doesn't need to be "burning bras" to be a feminist.

The Cranberries singer raised eyebrows after claiming that the Voice of Ireland mentor wasn't a feminist and was "intimated" by her act Kellie Lewis's beauty.


The continuing row between the two came as RTE revealed that an average of 486,000 people watched Cavan man Brendan McCahey take the talent show's crown on Sunday night, down more than 200,000 on viewing figures for last year's final.

Jamelia's act, Laura May Lenehan, came in third position, with her mentor commending her for all the hard work she had put in.

Putting the boot into her fellow mentor on the show, Dolores also inferred that Jamelia was someone who "uses their sexuality to be heard or to be seen or to get attention".

Asked about her comments, Jamelia said: "I disagree. I think that any woman who chooses to be unashamedly who she is, is a feminist and that goes from a stripper to a nun.

"I think sometimes people can believe that a feminist has to be burning bras and agreeing with every other woman. That's not what it is.

"Being a feminist means it's OK to be my version of a woman and that's who I am. But everyone's entitled to their opinion and as you know, we all have very strong ones."

The curtain came down on the

third instalment of the hit show on Sunday. Ratings were down on the grand final last year which saw an average of 713,00 people tune in.

However, the number of people who watched a repeat of the Sunday's show must be recorded before a full picture can be established.