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Xpose's Michelle: 'Motherhood is great and I won't be rushing back to work'


Michelle Doherty and her son Max

Michelle Doherty and her son Max

Michelle Doherty

Michelle Doherty


Michelle Doherty and her son Max

Xpose's Michelle Doherty is still trying to get used to her body after giving birth to baby Max in August, the Diary can reveal.

Michelle currently lives in London with her partner Mark O'Shea and their baby Max and reveals she's not under pressure to get back into her pre-pregnancy clothes.

"I'm still trying to adjust, it's like you have a completely new body, you don't fit into your old clothes and you can't wear your maternity clothes so it's quite tough," she admitted.

"I said to myself I wasn't putting myself under pressure to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape because you go though enough with a new baby - trying to wash your face on a daily basis can be a chore without adding extra pressure.

"It also reminds me that I carried a little human being inside me for nine months, which is really quite special," she added.

The actress also revealed how it can be tough raising Max in the UK, away from their families.


"Being a first-time parent is really daunting, you have to have all the answers and we are on our own in London so we don't have our families to pop over and help and give us advice. I do find though that every day I get more confident.

She added: "Your hormones are all over the place too and with a serious lack of sleep I think I cried as much as Max.

"On the plus side every time you look at their little faces it's all worthwhile and its only for a short time because they grow up so fast so I kept reminding myself of that," she added.

The Donegal native has also revealed that her partner Mark has completely taken to fatherhood and that baby Max has him wrapped around his finger.

"Mark is brilliant with Max, he adores him and vice versa, Max hangs on his every word. It's so cute to watch them," she said.

"Even from the get-go he was so involved, he got stuck in - changing nappies, making bottles and feeding him.

"They have their special time together in the morning before Mark goes off to work because it's a long day not seeing each other," she added.

The 36-year-old also revealed that she's in no rush to get back to work.

"Max is my priority right now, I've wanted a baby for so long that there was no way I was rushing back to work," she said.

"I want to spend so much time with Max as this is when they need you most.

"I do bits and pieces every now and then in London for Xpose and my agents here in London keep me going with castings," she added.