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Wrestler, healer and shrink in BB lineup

A HARRY POTTER extra, a teenage female wrestler and a vegan holistic healer were among the contestants to enter the Big Brother house last night.

The group of 14 wannabes also includes a trainee psychiatrist, a Tory entrepreneur and a Megan Fox lookalike who is a former Miss Manchester.

Show bosses have aimed for a lower age profile as the series begins on Channel 5, with none of the contestants older than 30.

Seven men and seven women went in to the house, to be sealed off from the world potentially for weeks.

Channel 5 took over from Channel 4 which dropped the show last year after broadcasting it since its launch in 2000. The new home for the show has had a trial run with Celebrity Big Brother over the past three weeks -- which was won by My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty.

The housemates include 21-year-old gymnast Tashie Jackson (above), who has been a Potter extra, while Faye Palmer (19) is a wrestler with a clown phobia who fights under the name Darcy Steele.