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sHOW ME the funny: stand-up showdown

UTV, 9pm Heckles are almost guaranteed tonight as the eight remaining budding comedians deliver their killer lines in front of a testosterone-charged teenage audience.

Despite the best efforts of those on stage to try and get a vibe going, some of the jokes fall flat and it's difficult to know who really has the last laugh. As usual the show is presented by Jason Manford (left).

foodies' delight

come dine with me ireland

TV3, 9pm Canadian Bruce Henry tries to win over his guests with a 'trailer trash millionaire' themed evening in the culinary competition.

His guests are grandmother Mary Murphy, psychotherapist Peter O'Neill, comedian Danny Dowling and nurse Lisa Mulholland, and his approach to fine dining divides opinion.

in need of a friend


Channel 4, 10pm Stuart is faced with a life-or-death conundrum which has him in a terrible state. He's in desparate need of some guidance, but with Maxine transfixed with Craig there doesn't seem to be anyone he can confide in.

Meanwhile, Rachid's future with the team is in jeopardy.

standing tall

the secret life of buildings

Channel 4, 8pm In this new series, Tom Dyckhoff examines how the design of buildings affects people at home and at work, and explores its influence on feelings, behaviour, and identity.