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Will Dubliner Caoimhe survive the Big Brother boot tonight?

Dubliner Caoimhe Guilfoyle will know her Big Brother fate tonight as she and three others face eviction.

Also worried about getting the axe tonight are Londoner Shabby -- who has a crush on Caoimhe -- and medical student Sunshine, from Peterborough in England.

But one other housemate will also venture out from the safety of the Big Brother studio this evening.

Posh boy Ben, from London, will be made to perform a stand-up comedy routine in front of host Davina McCall and the Big Brother audience. The task, part of the celebrations for International Joke Day, will see Ben writing and performing a comedy routine.


But his performance will also serve as a punishment for failing a task during the show, which has now been running for three weeks.

Writer Ben (30) was tasked with secretly carrying out an arm wrestling and street slang task by the Tree Of Temptation in the Big Brother bathroom.

When he failed, the tree punished him by ordering him to get himself elected as the stand-up in the latest shopping budget challenge.

Ben's housemates rumbled that he had been secretly chatting to the tree but he tried to put them off the scent by fabricating stories.