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Why Online shopping is far more exciting than the latest X Factor!

WE'VE found X Factor's missing audience -- they are glued to their laptop screens not their TV sets.

New figures show that online shopping rises dramatically when weekend shows the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing are on air.

During Strictly's Saturday night slot on BBC One, online sales have increased by more than 50pc over the past month. This suggests that, despite the drama and dance moves on screen, the audience's attention lies elsewhere.

Sales during the X Factor have also shot up by one third during its weekend showing over the same period.

Strictly is currently beating X Factor in the rating's war. This year the show is averaging around 7.5 million compared with last year's 11.9 million. Meanwhile, this year Strictly has been averaging 9 million viewers.

They may be losing out when it comes to ratings, but purchases during the X Factor have been on average 48pc higher than during Strictly.

But despite these statistics, X Factor judge Louis Walsh is adamant that this season of the talent show is the strongest yet. He says that X Factor boss Simon Cowell has been blown away with the talent. "He loves the talent. He wants talent to win," Walsh said.

The X Factor grand finale will take place this weekend. And ratings expectations for the final are high despite the drop in figures.