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Who are you kidding? Doctor finale fails to please fans

The much-hyped season finale of Doctor Who provoked a mixed response among the show's most devoted fans.

The episode was met with disappointment from some viewers who felt deceived by last week's cliff-hanger in which the doctor apparently started to regenerate.

And following feverish anticipation that a new doctor would be introduced last night, some were left feeling let down by the show's outcome, leaving internet message boards awash with discontent.

Fans criticised scriptwriter Russell T Davies for the story line, suggesting it was written so David Tennant could continue his tenure as the Time Lord.

In a moving scene at the end of the episode, a half-human clone of the Doctor was left to live with Billie Piper's character Rose Tyler in another reality.

Tennant has been confirmed to star in Doctor Who in a Christmas special this year and another three specials next year.

One fan wrote: "The fake regeneration was a trick, a magic power to solve all the problems, AND a back-door way to let the doctor stay with Rose and travel in our universe at the same time -- so I found it very annoying.''

Another committed follower sounded similarly disgruntled, writing: "Wow. What an awful cliff-hanger resolution. Doctor Who has had some terrible cliff-hanger resolutions before... but this was horrible."