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We're like the not-so-pretty Kardashians, says Baz Ashmawy


Nancy and Baz Ashmawy

Nancy and Baz Ashmawy

50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy

50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy


Nancy and Baz Ashmawy

Presenter Baz Ashmawy has his sights set on turning his family into Ireland's answer to the Kardashians - but "not-so-pretty".

The Dublin broadcaster, who is the star of Sky's hit series 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy, told the Herald he has roped even more family members into the reality show, much like the famous celebrity clan.

"We have my daughter in one of the episodes - I'm trying to turn us into the not-so-pretty Kardashians. That's the target eventually," Baz said jokingly.

While the former RTE star is happy to include his nearest and dearest in the series, the proud dad admitted he would be apprehensive about his kids following in his showbiz footsteps.

"I'd just want them to do whatever they really want to do in life, but it's a tough business, so I don't know if I'd encourage them," he said.

"But if that's what they really want to do they should always follow their heart."

Even though they work together, the newly-engaged presenter admitted he still visits his mum and co-star Nancy on his days off.

"I sneak off to my mum's every once in a while to have a takeaway and I don't tell the missus because she has me on a strict diet," Baz said at the launch of Just Eat's National Takeaway Awards. "I'm lucky enough that I'm not in that particular category that people expect me to look amazing on screen."