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Wedded bliss helped us through tragedies - Alan

TV presenter Alan Hughes says that his first year of marriage has been fantastic. Alan and his long-term partner Karl Broderick tied the knot in a star-studded civil ceremony in Dublin's Unitarian Church last year.

"We've been together 19 years but it does feel different being married, it's great. We went on a little sun holiday to Gran Canaria to celebrate, which was lovely."

But it's been a tough year for Alan and Karl, with several personal tragedies for each to deal with.

Alan's sister Doreen and Karl's mother both lost their lives to cancer.

"They died within two months of each other. It was a very tough time," said Alan.

But the 'Family Fortunes' presenter says that throwing himself into work helped him get through it.

"Working so hard was great because it really took my mind off it."