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We were exhausted after television's most steamy scene -- Love/Hate actors

The two actors involved in Ireland's raunchiest ever sex scene have revealed they were left exhausted after shooting it 10 times.

Love/Hate stars Denise McCormack and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor admitted they barely knew each other when they had to film the scene.

"It's very funny, our first day filming I had only briefly met her and we're basically tearing each other's clothes off and jumping into bed together so it was quite an introduction," Tom (34) admits in this week's edition of The Dubliner magazine.

"These things can be quite strangely awkward but she [Linda] is so committed to it."

While the whole sequence only lasted a brief moment on screen, the actors had to repeat it 10 times before it was deemed satisfactory.

"I nearly passed out ... literally," Tom revealed.

"I was on the floor outside the jeep with a nurse tending to me because I was so exhausted.

"It's a cliche when actors say sex scenes are hard, but they really are.

"They are so mechanical -- there's crew, lighting, sound, hair, make-up, script supervisor and you have to wait and wait and then go for it, and then you might have to cut and go again,"

In this second season of Love/Hate, Nidge has become the right-hand man and enforcer of gang boss John Boy and while Trish, played by Aoibhinn McGinnity, is having his baby, he can't help but be drawn to Linda.

Their attraction eventually culminated this month when they had sex in the back of a jeep.

"This whole notion of a gallant courting of a woman goes out the window," Tom said.

"It goes from subtle flirting to brutish, animalistic sex in the back of car.

"It's tongue-in-cheek, in a way."

Far from being put out by having to film such a scene, Denise said that she found humour in it.

"When I read it, I could see the comedy in it," she told The Dubliner.


Dublin actor Vaughan-Lawlor previously appeared in Becoming Jane, the Hollywood film starring Anne Hathaway, about the life of world-famous English author Jane Austen as a young woman at the turn of the 19th century.

Unsurprisingly, he had to change his whole demeanour and appearance for Love/Hate. He shaved his head and adopted an inner-city accent.

Despite the gritty character he has to portray, Tom said that his wife was not concerned about him shooting sex scenes.

"Well my wife is an actor so she's used to it, but I didn't think she realised it was that -- literally -- in your face, so she was a bit like, 'Okay', but she also found it very funny."