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Wanted - ghost hunters for a haunting new TV show

VOLUNTEERS are being sought to spend a weekend in a haunted house for a spooky new TV show.

A Dublin-based production company wants paranormal believers and non-believers to sign up for the show called Spooked.

A pilot programme due to be broadcast on RTE2 next October will offer six applicants the chance to spend the weekend in a haunted house.

But the makers are remaining tight-lipped about where exactly the ghostly production will be filmed.

"I can't reveal where it is going to be yet -- not even the county -- as we really want to keep the mystery," said a spokeswoman for Coco Television.

"We're only at the pre-production stage so it's very early to give many details.

"I can say that we'll have paranormal investigatory in the house with them and the six chosen applicants will be doing experiments and tasks."

Thrill-seeking candidates expressed their interest for the upcoming show as soon as details were released by the production house.


"The response is looking good so far. People are clearly interested in this new type of show," the spokeswoman said.

"We contacted Movie Extras with details of Spooked on Wednesday night and we'd already received quite a few applications by Thursday morning.

"We want to get a broad range of people and hear from anyone who will be interested before choosing who will get through.

"Believers, non-believers, those sitting on the fence ... It will be exciting for anyone who gets through."

Coco Television is hoping to have Spooked candidates accompanied by a medium, who would be able to assist them -- or convince the most sceptical.

"It's very early days -- nothing is set in stone but we're thinking about having medium there who will be able to tell us more about the house and any paranormal activity going on."

Applicants must be 18 years old or above as the project may be upsetting for younger people.

The production team will make sure to have help on hand should successful candidates feel troubled once they get on the site.

"We will make sure that there is a psychologist at hand to counsel the people who get in, to make sure it all goes smoothly", the spokeswoman said.

The lucky chosen few will be briefed before they get into the house to ensure that they do not bring anything harmful to the set.

Hopefuls must tell why they should be picked to go into the haunted house ahead of other candidates on camera.

They must also answer a series of questions regarding their fears and scary experiences that will determine their suitability for the show.