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Vogue won celebrity adventure show with back injury


Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Model turned presenter Vogue Williams has revealed that she won Bear Grylls's reality show, Mission Survive, with a serious back injury.

The Howth native won the survival show which involved 12 celebrities living and undertaking challenges in the Central American rainforest last month.

"When I was about 21, I had a pretty bad fall down a staircase in a restaurant," she said.

"I fell awkwardly on my back, and although it was scary, I was OK, with only bruising and soreness in the base of my spine.

"But I'm rather clumsy, and a year later, I slipped and banged into the corner of a table.

"I was stunned to find I had actually three cracked vertebrae in the lower part of my spine - I had fractured them when I fell all those years before and I'd had no idea," she said.

Vogue (29) now goes to treatment regularly and says the show gave her strength she didn't know she had.

"I was really amazed I got through the 12 days."