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Vogue gets stuck in to new role in on behalf of Southsiders

IT'S a war as old as time, and now the Southsiders have brought in a big gun -- Vogue Williams.

The Northside vs Southside debate has plagued the capital for years, and this time it's getting physical.

The Fade Street star (24), who perfected her acting skills during the show, is showing she isn't afraid to get into character for her new play, Blow Up the Liffey Bridges.

And the Howth native was caught in the middle of a catfight on the Samuel Beckett Bridge as she promoted her first professional acting role as a Southside taxi driver, defending her cosy life in the leafy Dublin 4 suburbs.

As one of the country's top models, she is used to being perfectly coiffed to promote various different products, but the statuesque beauty showed she isn't too precious to rough it for a job.


Organisers have been feverishly promoting the play and placed four billboards at strategic spots throughout the capital, with two in Donnybrook saying: "Northsiders, go back to where you came from. Keep it Southside." And the same has been said for Southsiders, with two billboards at Phibsboro and Fairview.

Producer Emile Coleman said: "The use of the billboards and the images were intended to spark debate on the differences on both sides of the river and highlight what the comedy was about.

"We wanted to try and bring out the humour that exists here in Dublin and which is also showcased in the comedy.

"There is no better way in doing this than to get people debating their differences and perceptions in a tongue-and-cheek manner," she added.