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Victoria lands TV pilot with first script

SHE turned away from the stage to focus on her writing career -- now Victoria Smurfit is reaping the benefits.

The mum-of-three has finished writing her first TV pilot alongside fellow writer and friend Holly Sorensen.

And ABC -- one of the four major TV networks in the US -- has decided to develop the script into a pilot.

Their story follows the adventures of five young women who manage to break into the US cosmetic industry thanks to a dark secret they've all been hiding.

The series, currently under the working title Vein, promises to be full of bitchiness, backstabbing and blusher.

Victoria, who starred as Dr Edel Swift in RTE's The Clinic, says she began working on the series over a year ago.

"It's been kind of amazing," she said. "I wrote up half a book before we moved over to LA and I showed it to a friend of mine here. She liked it and said 'you're a writer, keep going, keep going'. So I did."


The actress and her photographer husband Doug Baxter moved to LA last year so Victoria could try to make it in Hollywood.

The former Ballykissangel star secured an agent almost immediately and has landed some pretty impressive parts, including a role in ABC crime series Missing.

But now it seems she wants to focus all her attention on script writing.

"I love acting and I love just turning up and telling the story that way, but to be able to tell the story from the roots of it and be in charge of it is really interesting," she said.

Victoria has managed to bag super-producer Mark Gordon for the new project -- the man behind hit series and movies including Criminal Minds, Private Practice and Saving Private Ryan.

"Mark Gordon is one of the biggest producers in the land. I'm a firm believer in listening to the professionals, I'm grateful to be listening and learning at this stage."

Victoria says regardless of whether it gets picked up, she's thrilled that the pilot has got this far already.

"I'm really honoured and touched and delighted that we managed to get our script in the door."