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US take on TV hit Shameless is heading for our screens

The US adaptation of the hit comedy drama Shameless is coming to Irish screens this month.

The remake of the gritty show is being hailed as one of the biggest programme launches stateside, with an all-star cast.

While we normally have to wait several months before getting a new show from the US, RTE will be showing Shameless just weeks after its debut to critical acclaim.

Although it is believed to be a 'watered down' version of the no holds barred British original, the programme boasts a stellar cast full of award-winning actors.

Oscar-nominated William H. Macy leads the cast as Frank Gallagher, the alcoholic patriarch of a large, unconventional, blue-collar family in working class Chicago.

Playing the role of his oldest daughter Fiona is Golden Globe nominated Emmy Rossum, whose character tries to keep her five younger brothers and sisters on track.

In a recent interview, Macy who is married to Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman, describes Gallagher as being "very broadminded about his drug choices".


"He's a narcissist, an addict, he's smart, he's funny, he's strangely hard-working," he added.

"It occurred to me that he could just go out and get a job, it would be a lot easier than all the scams he does. You can't believe where they are taking this character over the first season; it is hysterical."

Although the original is still believed to outshine Macy and co's latest efforts, the remake is proving to be a massive hit stateside.

Shameless debuted on US network Showtime just last week, scoring the biggest ever show debut in the station's history, with more than eight million viewers tuning in.

Shameless airs on RTE Two, Thursday, January 27 at 9.55pm.