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UK producers impressed by Jen as offers flood in for talented telly star

RTE presenter Jennifer Maguire may be headed back to the UK after she was approached by top producers to star in a new TV show.

The Republic of Telly host has had a massive response from Irish audiences since appearing on the show and her previous programme, One Night Stand, and now she could be headed back to the UK to start some new TV projects there.

"I was in London all last weekend to film an episode for the Republic of Telly. While I was filming at the TV Choice Awards I met a few producers and we have discussed some possibilities in the UK as well as Ireland this year.


"I would love to work in the UK again and I have a few meetings taking place this month about some new opportunities," she said.

The former British Apprentice star (pictured right) has already got a good profile in the UK, and her manager Sonia Harris says she would be a fool not to take up a new show in the UK as well as continuing with RTE here.