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TV's new Irish-speaking sultry brunette - just don't call her a Seoige

GRAINNE Seoige might have left our shores but her gorgeous Gaelgeoir doppelganger could be set to replace her in the hearts of viewers.

She's a sultry brunette, fluent in Irish, and a native of the City of the Tribes, so it's no surprise TG4 presenter Roisin Ni Thomain is regularly compared to ITV's newest star Grainne.

And the bubbly 28-year-old told the Herald that she is regularly told she looks more like Grainne than her own sister, Sile.

"I get compared to her all the time. When I first started working in TV, loads of people would say to me 'So you're obviously another Seoige sister?'

"Even the make-up lady said to me yesterday that she thinks I'm more like Grainne than even Sile, which is hilarious.

"I just think, what a compliment. But I don't think I'm anywhere near up there with her," she said.

"She is one of the most successful females ever in Irish television so I totally admire her. I mean you'd have to admire anyone who has worked in television as long as she has and had the kind of career she has had.

"My best friend is their first cousin so I've met them loads of times; that's just Galway for you," she added.

Roisin, who presents TG4's popular Irish dancing competition An Jig Gig, said she has also been compared to Lucy Kennedy.

Despite being flattered by the comparisons, Roisin is eager to carve out her own name on Irish TV. But she hasn't ruled out a move to the UK to pursue a career there.

"We'd all make the move if we got the opportunity so I totally wouldn't rule it out. Over in the UK they have bigger budgets so it would be a great opportunity.

"I lived in Dublin for three years working on The Den and then I went to Oz for a year, before moving back to Galway two years ago."

The young presenter has already carved out quite a diverse career for herself, and has worked for three TV stations.


She previously worked for JAM, The Den's rock school programme, she presented TG4's Pop4 weekly chart show and also the Irish-language magazine show SRL for the BBC.

But she insists it has taken more than her good looks to nab presenting gigs here.

"Obviously you have to be able to present. I know I wouldn't get hired just for my looks. It does help if you don't look like the back of a bus but you have to have the skills.

"It's an extra bonus having Irish because there are just so few opportunities in TV here.

"TG4 is amazing. I think they outdo themselves every year and it's going to be a very exciting new schedule," she added.