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TV's Conor smashes own goal by dropping 10 pounds in one week

DUBLINER Conor O'Connor has shed 8pc of his overall body weight on RTE's fitness challenge show Operation Transformation.

The former All-Ireland handball player is leading the way among the leaders in weight loss on the hit show.

And this weekend, politicians will be made to sweat it out by the Defence Forces as they are put through a gruelling fitness test.

Senator Phil Prendergast, Senator Jerry Buttimer, Tom Sheana TD, Aengus O Snodaigh TD and Paul Gogarty TD will all be put through their paces at the army boot camp this weekend.

The Defence Forces have come on board for the first time to attempt to increase activity levels for the participants.

Conor weighed in at 25 stone when the show first started and this week lost a further 10-and-a-half pounds.

The Dubliner smashed his target set for him by experts, which was revealed live on the Gerry Ryan Show.

Conor (32) said that he found it particularly tough this week trying to stick rigidly to the food and exercise plan which was set for him.

"I was hoping for six pounds, but when he said 10-and-a-half pounds I was like, 'Oh my God'," he said.

"It feels fantastic. I was pretty shocked when they said it."

Conor said that he has now become a huge fan of running after being introduced to it by trainer Karl Henry.

"When I do start running, the weight comes off me very quickly," he said.

Carl is now down to 22 stone and 13 pounds, miles ahead of the other leaders on the show.

It's proving to be a difficult task for Ciara Dunne (28) and Amanda Casey (29), who both lost one-and-a-half pounds each this week but missed the targets that had been set for them.


But Penny Dwyer (33) doubled the amount she was expected to lose, dropping a massive six pounds in a week. Anna Naughton (31) also broke her target by losing two-and-a-half pounds, bringing her weight to 11 stone and 10 pounds.

Overall this week, the Operation Transformation leaders lost a collective 22 pounds during the course of the show. They have lost five stone and 12.5 pounds in total.

This year, the campaign has been extended countrywide to encourage taxi drivers, politicians and sedentary business people to be more active and get on board with the diet plans suggested by experts.