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TV3 not planning search for Sean replacement

TV3 have quashed suggestions that they might launch another Total Xposure reality show to find a replacement for Sean Munsanje.

The popular presenter nabbed his job on Xposé after winning the reality search competition last summer.

The station announced this week that they will not be renewing his contract when it expires next month.

But a spokesperson for the station insisted they will not be looking for a replacement for Sean, regardless of whether budgets pick up in the near future.

"No, definitely not," she said.

The station confirmed that it could be possible for Sean to move internally and present a different show.

"Right now we're just concentrating on Xposé but it could be a possibility. I don't know yet because there haven't been any talks about that so far," she said.

Sean's Xposé colleagues are said to be "upset" about his imminent departure from the hugely popular entertainment series.

"Sean has known for a while but because they work so closely together they feel like the Xposé family -- they work such long hours that they do see each other more than they see most other people in their lives," said the spokesperson.

"So of course the girls are upset but they have wished him well and they know he will continue to work in the media so they will still see him all the time," she added.

Munsanje told the Herald the news had not come as a surprise and says he was first told that he would not be kept on last month.

"There's no bad feeling and it's nothing to do with me or my performance," he said.

"I was told a couple of weeks ago and it's simply just because they don't have the budget to keep me on. My contract was initially for six months so it was a compliment that they actually found the funds to keep me on for an additional six months.

"I've always known it wasn't going to be a job for life. They took me on after winning a prize. It was one of those things I knew was coming so it's no shock really. I have my fingers in different pies and I'm looking at a couple of things now for the future."

But former Total Xposure judge Gerry Lundberg said he believes the station will host another version of the reality series in the future to find a new presenter.

"I can't see why when the time comes they wouldn't do another one," he said. "If I am asked I will do it.

"I think Sean will be missed."