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TV picks: Slugging it out

Channel 4, 10pm

WBA Heavyweight boxing champ David Haye goes round for round with the toothy comedian over life in and outside the ring.

Florence and the Machine, perform their latest single, Dog Days Are Over. Sales of their debut album, Lungs, rose a staggering 1,550pc following their Brit Award win last month.

murder most foul

UTV, TV3, 8.30pm

THIS is one of those times when you wonder if the Corrie plotline has just become a little too fantastical.

Put-upon Gail appears in court charged with murder. Can she wangle a bail order, or is it straight to the clink?

Meanwhile, as Molly prepares to leave for her Dad's, tetchy Tyrone shocks her with a completely left-field proposal.

on the beat

UTV, 9pm

The Sun Hill team continues its search for the killer of teenager Paul Sourrel.

The plot thickens as to why an apparently decent kid was shot dead in a park.

Was it a case of mistaken identity -- or is there a link with the drugs trade? And should an informant's life be put at risk?


RTE1, 11.15pm

Nora and Holly begrudgingly team up to plan an elaborate celebration for Rebecca and Justin's engagement.

Kitty harbours a devastating secret that will rock the Walker family.

Meanwhile, Tommy continues his personal spiritual journey in Mexico, and Sarah searches for new business prospects in France.