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TV host faces life in steel box for 30 days

Cult TV host and DJ Tim Shaw is to be locked in a steel box no bigger than a wardrobe for up to a month in a bizarre solitary confinement challenge, it was announced today.

Shaw (35) will be on view 24 hours a day on the internet during his stunt, which will also form a nationwide treasure hunt.

He will have to lie down for up to 30 days and will not be freed from the steel box until he is found by a member of the public, who will then win £30,000 (€34,000).

Shaw, who has presented Fifth Gear on Five and Channel 4's Extreme Male Beauty, will have no human contact for the duration of the ordeal and is not taking any items into his new home, other than his bedding and the prize money.

He is unaware of his box's location in Britain -- other than knowing it is at a spot which has played a "significant" part in his life before.

Advertising funding to his website will raise money for the charity Help For Heroes.

He has consulted figures such as former SAS hero Andy McNab, psychologist Linda Papadopoulos and former TV Gladiator Trojan to prepare for his ordeal.

Shaw said: "I came up with an idea a long, long time ago. I do a few television shows and I mentioned this to a TV channel ages ago and they started wetting themselves, saying this is a brilliant idea we'd like to do it."

The married dad-of-two will go into the box on February 15 at midday -- a space so small he will be unable to do press ups, never mind sit up.