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TV bosses rule out Galvin's Xpose job

CLAIMS that Kerry footballer Paul Galvin would line out on Xpose have been rubbished by TV3.

The broadcaster has described reports that the Kerry legend would leave his full-time job as a secondary school teacher to replace Sean Munsanje as a reporter on the entertainment show as having "absolutely zero truth".

"We have no idea where that story has come from but it's completely unfounded," a spokeswoman told the Herald.

"TV3 would much prefer to see Paul Galvin signed to our GAA show than to Xpose. There would be no logic to taking him on as an entertainment reporter when he has no experience in that area.

"Sean was on a six-month contract, it was never billed as a full-time job. We actually doubled that for another six months because he was such a success and was so popular with viewers. There are no plans to replace him with anyone else at the moment."

Sean's stint on the popular entertainment show will be coming to an end in August.

Weekend media reports had linked Galvin to the job. Munsanje (29) revealed that he and his fellow colleagues on the show Lisa Cannon, Aisling O'Loughlin, Glenda Gilson and Karen Koster were all stunned at hearing the claims.

"I assumed it was a made up story as soon as I heard to be honest," he told the Herald. "I was initially surprised but I just thought it was a bit too random to be true. It's kind of funny because it's so far-fetched.

"I would have been told as well if they were planning to bring in someone new.

"As far as myself and all the girls know they have no plans to replace me as I know it's more to do with budget cuts than anything else."

Sean is due to finish his year-long stint as the fifth member of the Xpose team next month.

The show will then revert to its four-person lineup.