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Tubridy's latest mission is to shoot RTE documentary follow-up to his JFK book

AS IF RYAN Tubridy didn't have enough on his plate, the broadcaster has now committed to recording a television documentary about John F Kennedy.

The RTE presenter is facing the cameras for a look at the famed American president's visit to Ireland.

Ryan, whose aunt Dot had close links with the Kennedy family in the US, revealed that the programme will be released in conjunction with his new book about JFK.

The 37-year-old said that he had spent hours poring over the archives in the National Library to research his book about the 1963 visit.

And now the golden boy of RTE has been tweeting his movements around Dublin to follow in the footsteps of the iconic American president.

"There's a rumour that JFK may have had a pint in Mulligan's pub in 1945 or 1955," he said. "Off there later to film for Kennedy documentary.

"Right, off to the Aras for more JFK filming and then to Arbour Hill with the military cadets," he later added.

Tubridy explained that the programme will be shown close to the release of his book on the Kennedy visit.

"It's a documentary on JFK and Ireland which will come out in October/November along with the book I have attempted to write," he said.

Tubridy is preparing to step into the seat vacated by Gerry Ryan on 2fm in August and until then will continue to host his hour-long show on RTE Radio 1. The station's flagship programme will run from 9am to 11am, an hour less than The Gerry Ryan Show, and will begin in the last week of August.


He first got his break working on the show and will now replace his old mentor. RTE has said Tubridy will be paid the same money.

The presenter earned €533,333 in 2008, the last year for which figures are available, a nearly 50pc increase on his 2007 earnings of €366,867.

Link to Ryan's twitter page