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Tubridy off to BBC in 12 week move

RYAN Tubridy is on the move to the BBC – and RTE doesn’t know.

Tubridy’s family have congratulated him on his move to the UK. The €533,000 a year presenter is making the move this summer for a radio presenting gig.

Incredibly, he will hold on to both his radio and television jobs at RTE.

At the same time his bosses at Montrose claimed they were the last to know about the move.

RTE bosses were forced to hold an emergency meeting this morning after receiving calls from the Herald regarding their premier star’s job abroad.

Montrose’s golden boy (37) is set to join the BBC later this summer for a top secret radio gig, and Montrose bosses are fearful that he will ditch our shores for England full-time.

Although the details of the BBC deal are being kept secret, he is believed to have landed a show on BBC Radio 2.

Today, his brother Garrett Tubridy congratulated him on the coveted gig, saying: “Congratulations on the gig with the beeb. If you're moving to London, can I take your car?”

Contrary to reports that he already informed his bosses about the offer and insisted that any work with the station would not interfere with his duties on his 2FM morning show, the Herald can reveal that the station’s head honchos were caught off guard.


Tubridy today confirmed that he is having “real” talks with the BBC over a potential move.

“It's funny. Look, it's just talk, that's all it is, a bit of talk. But I'm here and I love it and I'm really happy, and I won't be going anywhere today or tomorrow. It’s talk, but it’s real talk.”

However, a spokesperson for RTE insisted that they knew nothing about the move, saying: “That is something that I don’t have information on. The only information I can provide is that Ryan Tubridy is looking forward to another season of the Late Late Show and his radio show for the next two years. I genuinely don’t have information on that, I made enquiries about that yesterday, and the firm position is that Ryan is with RTE.

“Any arrangements outside of that, I don’t have information on.”

Bosses are now said to be sweating that one of their most powerful stars will get comfortable in the BBC and make a permanent move abroad.

But the news would come as no surprise to those in his inner circle, as the chat show host was already approached by the network last year to take over for Jonathan Ross’ radio show for a 12-week period during the summer.

He turned down the opportunity to replace Ross for the three month stint last year, citing work commitments combined with the sudden death of Gerry Ryan, as his reason for declining the offer. His agent Noel Kelly said at the time: “It was a huge compliment to hear from the BBC, but things change and I think Ryan made the right decision.”

Tubridy has made no secret of his desire to work outside of RTE, and has said that while hosting the Late Late Show may be the most coveted gig for any TV presenter, he had no inte ntion of staying forever.

As he came under scathing criticism for his soft interview with Ronan Keating on the chat show, it is understandable that he would want a change of scenery over the summer months.