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Top student who shared success in the diary room

James Hannigan (18) received the highest Leaving Certificate points in his school and relished having his hard work documented on the show.

Like many of his fellow students, including Mark Greene, James was not fazed by the introduction of a camera crew to their day to day school routine.

"It did seem a bit strange when they initially brought the cameras in, but everyone really became used to it by the end.


"There were a good few people that avoided it, but I had no problem with the cameras. I particularly liked the diary cameras set up -- it was nice to have somewhere you could just talk about whatever you were feeling that day, without anyone asking questions," he said. And it was particularly satisfying that the cameras were there as he worked towards his Leaving Cert to document his hard work.

James, who is now reading Actuarial Studies at UCD, said that, luckily, none of his classmates on his new course have recognised him from the hit RTE show.

"I suppose it's quite weird looking back at myself on television now, I've been in a few scenes, but nobody here has said anything to me about it. There were quite a few students who were featured a lot on the show, for example, the stars of the musical but I was very happy to keep studying and just use the diary cameras," he said.