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Top Gear producer slams Stig unveiling

The executive producer of Top Gear slammed publishers planning to release an autobiography unmasking the show's driver, The Stig.

Andy Wilman accused HarperCollins of chasing profits to expose a "harmless" TV secret which could ruin Christmas for fans.

The driver's identity has long been a closely guarded show secret.

Mr Wilman said The Stig created "wonderment" and "mystique".

And hitting out at the publishers, he added: "HarperCollins have decided none of that is as important as their profits, so if you get your Christmas ruined by one of the best and most harmless TV secrets being outed, you can rest easy in the knowledge that by contrast, HarperCollins' executives will be enjoying a fantastic Christmas."

The current Stig is the second in the role. The first Stig, Perry McCarthy, was dropped in 2003 after his identity was uncovered.